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Welcome to Cooperative Housing International’s resources section. In this section you will find up-to-date information from around the world. We aim to give housing coops tools and resources required for their work and to keep you informed on issues affecting housing.

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Building Community Support for Community Housing

There is often resistance to the development of new housing in local communities and community housing providers can face an uphill battle convincing people to support new social and affordable housing. This toolkit by the Federa ...Read More

Community Australia
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The Co-operative Housing Sector in Angola

Angola’s National Urbanism and Housing Programme (PNHU) identified Cooperative Housing as one of the four key strategies adopted to meet the country’s deficit of more than one million dwelling units. The PNHU set a target for ...Read More

Financing and Development Angola
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Co-operative Housing in Estonia

Presentation about Estonian Union of Housing Cooperatives  EKÜL by Andres Jaadla, Founder and Chairman of the board - ​and Member  of the board of Housing Europe. The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associ ...Read More

Management Estonia
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Co-op Housing: What It Is and How It Works

This article is a few years old but it explains really well what co-operative housing is all about and how it differs from low-income housing or social housing in Canada. Unlike privately owned low-income housing or City-run “ ...Read More

Community Canada
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More than just Housing…. Co-op Housing

This guide by the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Center (UWCC) attempts to answer questions regarding ownership, responsibilities, and benefits of living in a housing cooperative. ...Read More

Governance United States of America
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Cooperatives: Principles and Practices in the 21st Century

This publication is the fourth and most extensive revision of the Marvin A. Schaars’ text, Cooperatives, Principles and Practices, University of Wisconsin Extension—Madison, Publication A1457, July 1980. What has come to be kn ...Read More

Financing and Development United States of America
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Refinancing for Housing Co-operatives in Canada

This presentation is an overview of the purpose of CHF Canada's Refinancing Program. How does the program work? How are housing co-operatives supported throughout the refinancing process? What do co-operatives need to do to qualif ...Read More

Financing and Development Canada
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Financing Housing Co-operatives in Switzerland

This presentation on access to capital for housing cooperatives is from a CHI workshop on sources of financing for building new and renovating existing housing co-operatives. It provides an overview of the co-operative housing mov ...Read More

Financing and Development Europe
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Securing reliable co-operative capital for housing co-operatives in Sweden

This presentation on access to capital for housing cooperatives is about raising financing for building new and renovating existing housing co-operatives while guaranteeing member control. It provides an overview of the co-operati ...Read More

Financing and Development Sweden Presentation
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