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Member Forum: Wayshaper Sustainable Homes Toolkit

Join us online on June 5 for a discussion on housing cooperatives and sustainability. Member forums are an opportunity for CHI members and guests to share knowledge and innovations, and learn about best practices in the cooperative housing sector globally.Read More

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New Coop Conversations Podcast Episode with Alicia Maneiro

In this latest podcast episode, Alicia Maneiro discusses the cooperative housing model in Uruguay and its unique features that have influenced the cooperative housing landscape in Latin America and Europe. The episode delves into the concepts of building communities and not just houses, self-help, self-management, and hereditary rights within cooperatives. It also pays tribute to the principles of mutual aid and previous savings modalities in cooperative housing, with particular focus on self-management and direct democracy.Read More

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Wayshaper Sustainable Homes Toolkit

The Confederation of Cooperative Housing (CCH) in the UK, has recently announced a new revamped retrofit advisor service. After two years of hard work building and improving the service, CCH is happy to launch a cleaner and clearer service for members looking to deal with ageing and energy-inefficient housing.Read More

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Australia Recognizes Cooperative Housing as a Tenure Type

On May 3, 2024, the National Housing Supply and Affordability Council of Australia presented its first annual report on the State of the Housing System to the Minister for Housing, as required by the National Housing Supply and Affordability Council Act 2023. The report acknowledges the housing journey of many people and highlights housing cooperatives as an emerging form of tenure, defining them as "a business that has shared ownership by its residents, where the goal is affordable housing rather than profit."Read More

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Housing Policy in the Anglosphere: Social Market Foundation Report Series on Housing

Five reports investigate housing policy from other countries for solutions to the UK’s housing shortage. Each of the five reports is a comparative study of housing policy internationally with a particular focus on Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.Read More

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Student Cooperative Housing: Let’s Talk !!

Join us for an engaging and informal webinar where student housing cooperatives unite to foster solidarity and share insights. Whether you're a seasoned cooperative member or just starting your journey, this is an opportunity to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and build a supportive network.Read More

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Lisbon City Council Approves Cooperative Housing Program

Families in Lisbon, Portugal now have an opportunity to form cooperatives and construct affordable housing on land donated by the Lisbon City Council. In February, the Lisbon City Council approved the "Lisbon Housing Cooperatives" program, which aims to increase the supply of affordable housing in the city.Read More

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Toronto, Canada to see largest cooperative housing development in years

In the next few years, there will be 612 new homes available in Toronto, Canada, making it one of the biggest-ever cooperative housing properties.  The 1.16-hectare project, is located in Scarborough, a suburb east of Toronto. It will feature rent-geared-to-income, affordable, and market rental housing. The Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT) will operate the property and was selected by CreateTO, the agency responsible for managing the City of Toronto's $27-billion real estate portfolio.Read More

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The Value of Cooperatives in Australia

You're invited to the launch of "The Value of Housing Co-operatives in Australia" report on March 15 (or March 14 depending on your time zone.) The report has implications for housing policy and programs, amid a growing demand for affordable and stable housing choices. Register online to attend.Read More

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