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Mike Duru Receives Prestigious International Cooperative Champion Award by the OCDC

We are pleased to announce that Mike Duru, the President the Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Co-operatives (ZINAHCO) and a valued board member of CHI, has been honoured with the prestigious International Cooperative Champ ...Read More

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Global Innovation Coop Summit Blog Post: Make Housing Co-ops Mainstream

The Secretary-General of CHI discusses the positive impact of housing cooperatives on families and communities. Julie LaPalme also explains how housing cooperatives in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland are leading the way in sustainable construction practices and eco-friendly measures.Read More

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CHI at the Global Innovation Coop Summit in Montreal September 28 at 11:30

CHI is excited to participate in the Global Innovation Coop Summit in Montreal and will take part in a panel discussion on Circular Housing the Cooperative Way: What is causing the global housing crisis and how can circular economics and cooperation help fix it?Read More

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Melina Morrison, CEO of Australia’s BCCM Calls for More Housing Cooperatives on Sky News Australia

The need for cooperative housing in Australia is on the rise as a solution to the country's rental crisis. Melina Morrison, the CEO of BCCM, is urging the Federal Government to allocate a more significant role for cooperative housing in their proposed $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund, which aims to build 30,000 new social and affordable properties.Read More

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NASCO Properties buying 4 new co-op properties in Illinois, USA

Congrats to NASCO Properties for buying 4 new co-op properties in Illinois bringing their collective ownership portfolio to 20 buildings. NASCO Properties leverages equity from the buildings it owns to provide purchasing collateral to new or existing groups.Read More

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Obituary: Trevor James

The Dutch housing co-operative movement is mourning the loss of Trevor James, who died on 29 April at the age of 74 following a cardiac arrest, while on a nature walk in the UK. You can read CoopNews' obituary here.Read More

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International Social Housing Festival June 7 to 9 in Barcelona

We have the pleasure of participating in two side events during the festival. The first event is a panel discussion on Housing models & frameworks for environmental and social sustainability. This exchange explores how emerging and established cooperative and co-housing models are promoting social and environmental sustainability. The second side event is titled Community-led Housing for Students and Seniors. This session will explore how social housing and sustainable architecture can address housing insecurity for vulnerable groups, such as students and seniors. Read More

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HSB in Sweden Celebrates 100 Years

HSB, one of CHI's three members in Sweden, turns 100 years old this year. Congratulations! Johan Nyhus, HSB's chairman, and CHI board member, offered the following reflections on the centenary celebrations: "Together we can make a difference. That is what history has taught us, from the 1920s when the severe living conditions with overcrowding and housing shortages formed the idea: what if people got together and built their own houses? Houses and homes of a much higher standard than what was common at that time.Read More

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Welcome BCCM: CHI’s Newest Member

We are pleased to announce that Australia's Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) is the newest addition to CHI's membership.  As the Australian government is increasing its interest in solving housing issues in Australia the BCCM wants to ensure that housing cooperatives are a significant part of that solution. Read More

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