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CHI welcomes new member: FenacoHAB from Brazil

We are excited to announce a new CHI member: FenacoHAB from Brazil. FenacoHAB is the national federation of housing cooperatives in Brazil. FENACOHAB has 15 registered and regular housing cooperatives and more than 50 participating cooperatives. It is Brazil's only active National Federation of Housing Cooperatives, representing more than 50,000 cooperative members. FenacoHAB works to represent, guide, strengthen and promote housing cooperatives in Brazil.Read More

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International Day of Cooperatives

This year’s theme is "Cooperatives Build a Better Future for All,” and the celebration will mark the 30th International Day of Cooperatives recognized by the United Nations and the 102nd International Cooperative Day.Read More

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ICA Global Cooperative Conference – New Delhi, India

The theme is Cooperatives Build Prosperity for All, which celebrates cooperatives as people-centred, purpose-led and progress-driven enterprises. The event will include inspirational speakers and provocative panel debates. In addition, delegates will co-create cooperative visions and strategies during multiple break-out sessions.Read More

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The Value of Housing Cooperatives in Australia

This report discusses the growing presence of housing cooperatives in Australia, serving a variety of household types across the income spectrum, particularly low- and moderate-income households.Read More

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Cooperative Housing Development Program Launched in Canada

The Canadian federal government has launched a $1.5 billion Co-operative Housing Development Program. This program marks the first federal investment in cooperative housing construction in over 30 years. Delivered by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the program will provide approximately $500 million in contributions and $1 billion in loans to build co-ops across Canada.Read More

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Member Forum: Wayshaper Sustainable Homes Toolkit

Join us online on June 5 for a discussion on housing cooperatives and sustainability. Member forums are an opportunity for CHI members and guests to share knowledge and innovations, and learn about best practices in the cooperative housing sector globally.Read More

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New Coop Conversations Podcast Episode with Alicia Maneiro

In this latest podcast episode, Alicia Maneiro discusses the cooperative housing model in Uruguay and its unique features that have influenced the cooperative housing landscape in Latin America and Europe. The episode delves into the concepts of building communities and not just houses, self-help, self-management, and hereditary rights within cooperatives. It also pays tribute to the principles of mutual aid and previous savings modalities in cooperative housing, with particular focus on self-management and direct democracy.Read More

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Wayshaper Sustainable Homes Toolkit

The Confederation of Cooperative Housing (CCH) in the UK, has recently announced a new revamped retrofit advisor service. After two years of hard work building and improving the service, CCH is happy to launch a cleaner and clearer service for members looking to deal with ageing and energy-inefficient housing.Read More

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Australia Recognizes Cooperative Housing as a Tenure Type

On May 3, 2024, the National Housing Supply and Affordability Council of Australia presented its first annual report on the State of the Housing System to the Minister for Housing, as required by the National Housing Supply and Affordability Council Act 2023. The report acknowledges the housing journey of many people and highlights housing cooperatives as an emerging form of tenure, defining them as "a business that has shared ownership by its residents, where the goal is affordable housing rather than profit."Read More

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