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CHI member Sostre Cívic receives the Social Innovation Award from the European Innovation Council

Sostre Civic, an umbrella organization that supports cooperative housing groups in Catalonia, Spain, received the Social Innovation Award from the European Commission and the European Innovation Council and the Executive Agency for SMEs (EISMEA). The jury recognized the social and ecological transformation of the grant-of-use model that Sostre Civic uses to develop cooperative communities.Read More

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Coop News’ Year End Q&A with CHI Secretary General

Read Coop News' Year End Q&A with CHI's Julie LaPalme who talks about 2022's cooperative housing highlights and hopes for 2023.Read More

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Dutch Parliament Adopts Motions Favourable to Cooperative Housing

Significant lobbying efforts recently resulted in a favorable amendment and some motions from the House of Representatives in the Netherlands. In a unanimous decision, the Dutch House of Representatives voted in favour of two important motions in late November.Read More

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New UK National Program to Help Residents Engage Effectively with Landlords

Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH), and Public Participation Consultation and Research (PPCR), received a £500,000 grant to roll out a new training package open to anyone living in social housing in England. Residents living in social housing will learn how to take an active role in the management of their homes. Read More

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Rooftops Canada Launches the Women’s Spaces Program in four African Countries

Rooftops Canada, the international development program of cooperative and social housing organizations in Canada, recently launched its Women's Spaces project. This initiative aims to secure equal access to land and livelihoods for women in Angola, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa.Read More

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Geneva Student Cooperative Housing Site Visits

Student housing cooperatives got together in Zurich and Geneva to learn more about housing cooperatives as viable housing solutions. Participants visited student housing coops in Geneva where they saw and learned how local governments, ethical finance, universities, and other actors are working together to continually develop student housing coops.Read More

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Student Housing Cooperatives Unite in Europe

Cooperators from Europe, America, and Japan assembled in Zurich and Geneva in late September to learn more about the cooperative housing model as it applies to students. The weekend was a combination of sharing knowledge and best practices, discussing a future European-wide association for student housing cooperatives as well as some site visits in Geneva.Read More

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First African Cooperative Housing Training Program

The First African Cooperative Housing Training Program was held in New Cairo during the fourth International Conference of Cooperative Housing hosted by the General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives (CHC) from October 16 to 19.Read More

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The International Cooperative Housing Symposium in Zurich – September 22, 23, 2022

Under the slogan “Growing the Movement”, 15 speakers discussed the future of cooperative housing with over 100 participants attending. The following day we visited two recent developments (Fogo and Zollhaus) and one longstanding classic housing cooperative (Ottostrasse).Read More

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