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New Coop Conversations Podcast Episode with Alicia Maneiro

In this latest podcast episode, Alicia Maneiro, President of La Confederación Uruguaya de Entidades Cooperativas (CUDECOOP) discusses the cooperative housing model in Uruguay and its unique features that have influenced the cooperative housing landscape in Latin America and Europe.

The episode delves into the concepts of building communities and not just houses, self-help, self-management, and hereditary rights within cooperatives. It also pays tribute to the principles of mutual aid and previous savings modalities in cooperative housing, with particular focus on self-management and direct democracy.

We further explore the broader applications of education initiatives in cooperative housing and strategies for making land available for these projects. Policies and government actions that have influenced the progress, recognition, and sometimes slowdown of housing cooperatives are also discussed.

Finally, Alicia highlights The Uruguayan Federation of Cooperatives for Mutual Aid’s (FUCVAM) efforts to promote the cooperative model abroad, its dedication to sustaining its impact model without foreign aid, and its recent land acquisition ventures.

The podcast is in English and Spanish. You can watch the episode on YouTube (with sub-titles) or listen on Spotify and other podcast platforms.

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