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Housing Cooperatives Worldwide

Housing cooperatives exist on all continents in many different formats. You can find out more about cooperative housing by entering the name of a country below or by hovering over the Housing Co-operatives Worldwide interactive map.

CHI is collaborating with Urbamonde to share best practices in community-led housing via the Co-Habitat Network where collaborative housing groups and their support actors can enter details on development, financing, management and more in a digital platform.


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Norwegians are members of housing cooperatives


Polish citizens live in cooperatives


Housing cooperative organisations in the UK


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In order to comply with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect 24 May, we are consolidating our contact database with that of our parent organisation, the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). You can subscribe to the ICA’s monthly newsletter, Cooperative Insider, and stay updated on the latest news about the International Cooperative Alliance, its regions & sectors and the co-operative movement. For housing updates make sure to choose “Housing” in “Your activity area/sector” section of the signup form.

The GDPR aims to strengthen data protection for people within the EU. This regulation is overseen by the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

  • Cooperative Housing International - The Year in Review img

    Cooperative Housing International – The Year in Review

    2018 was a busy year for CHI, involving many partnerships with various housing partners throughout the world. The first collaboration was in June with Housing Europe where we held our spring board meeting in conjunction with the ...Read More

  • April 2018 - Trailblazing Women in Housing Cooperatives img

    April 2018 – Trailblazing Women in Housing Cooperatives

    For centuries women have been fighting for housing rights and many have turned to the cooperative model to provide security of tenure, affordability, and opportunities for member involvement. In this issue, we are featuring trailb ...Read More

  • December 2017 img

    December 2017

    At its Plenary at the ICA congress in Kuala Lumpur in November, the following board members were acclaimed: Anders Lago from HSB, Sweden as President; Guido Schwarzendahl from GdW, Germany as Vice-President; Blase Lambert from CCH ...Read More

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