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Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 newsletter highlights the significant benefits of community gardens within housing cooperatives around the globe. They provide a wide array of advantages including fostering community bonding, promoting mental well-being, providing access to fresh produce, and supporting sustainable practices. We also provide updates on a few CHI Initiatives such as the CHI Board meeting in Berlin, the legal research initiative on housing cooperative law and more....Read More

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December 2023 E-bulletin

Read about CHI's first interview in the pilot phase of the International Legal Research Analysis Initiative (ILRAI), the International Financing of Young Housing Cooperatives in Central and Eastern Europe workshop, the latest Coop Conversations podcast episode with ROC USA, a summary of Victoria Falls Housing Coop in Zimbabwe and more....Read More

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November 2023 E-bulletin

Our November newsletter is here! Discover more about our upcoming legal research project, our participation in the Global Innovation Coop Summit, a profile of re-elected board member Mike Duru and much more! Read More

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Autumn 2023 News From CHI

In this edition we announce CHI's General Assembly and Board Meeting in October. We also provide a summary on a CHI Member Forum held in May. Listen to housing experts from Canada and UK delve into the advantages and disadvantages of housing cooperatives on leased land in our latest Coop Conversations podcast episode. Read about the International Social Housing Festival in Barcelona in June where housing providers, policymakers and housing advocates from 82 different countries discussed housing challenges and solutions.Read More

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Spring 2023

News updates on HSB in Sweden celebrating 100 years; the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) is the newest addition to CHI's membership; we talk to Multipro Cooperative from Nicaragua in our latest podcast; CHI attending the International Social Housing Festival in Barcelona in June.Read More

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Fall 2022

International Cooperative Housing Symposium - Zurich The International Cooperative Housing Symposium took place in Zurich on September 22 and 23, 2022. Under the slogan “Growing the Movement”, 15 speakers discussed the future ...Read More

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Summer 2022

International Cooperative Housing Symposium – Zurich Cooperative housing in Zurich has long been a model for other countries with researchers and housing practitioners often looking to Zurich for best practices in participatory ...Read More

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December 2022

UK Government Grants £500,000 to the Confederation of Co-operative Housing The Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH) and its partner organization, Public Participation Consultation and Research (PPCR), is rolling out a ne ...Read More

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Essays on Growing up in a Housing Co-op – May 2021

Coop Conversations Since launching our podcast series about life in a housing cooperative we have talked to co-op members from Ireland, Switzerland, the USA, and in this latest episode we talk to Fariha, Fatima, Zaid, and Juju, fo ...Read More

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