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Fall 2017

CHI Elections Conferences and Events Membership News Country Profiles CHI Elections CHI Board of Directors at ICA 2015 Congress in Antalya, Turkey.   The position of President and five at-large positions are up for election at C ...Read More

E - bulletins

The Year in Co-operative Housing: 2015

We gained new members this year from Malaysia, Uruguay and the United States and we welcomed new members to the CHI board of directors from Ireland, the UK and Malaysia. This summer, the CHI board had the pleasure of meeting our c ...Read More

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December 2016

Was 2016 a good year for housing co-operatives? Fall 2016 Housing Conferences: Housing Europe, International Summit of Co-operatives & Co-operative Summit of the Americas; Membership News: USA & Chile; Website Update; Best Wishes ...Read More

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Spring 2016

People behind CHI; Board member profiles from England & Switzerland; Expanding global awareness of co-operatives as a housing solution; Blueprint interpretation for housing co-operatives; Profiles of a Movement: worldwide data on ...Read More

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Summer 2016

Co-operative housing in Uruguay: half a century of innovation; Board member profiles from Malaysia & Pakistan; Co-ops can deliver the UN's Sustainability Development Goals; Co-op housing in Germany; International Summit of Co-op ...Read More

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Spring 2015

A mutual home ownership community reducing the environmental impact of their neighbourhood; A fledgeling housing co-op in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade and its application to housing   LIL ...Read More

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Summer 2012

Profiles of a Movement: Co-operative Housing Around the World – publication launch; Symposium on good governance; European Co-op Week - CECODHAS Housing Europe; Visits to Kapelleveld, Floréal and Le Logis, Brussels; CECODHAS se ...Read More

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Winter 2011/12

2011 ICA General Assembly; GA delegates vote in favour of ICA Housing resolution; International Year of Co-operatives; Certified timber and other forest products campaign; Governance Project for sound co-op housing governance; Glo ...Read More

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Winter 2010

ICA Housing Board News; Symposiums on Financing Housing Co-Operatives In The Aftermath Of The Global Financial Crisis & Co-Operative Responses To The Climate Change Challenge; Next Rendezvous: Istanbul, Turkey; Housing Co-operativ ...Read More

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