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Housing Cooperatives Worldwide

Housing cooperatives exist on all continents in many different formats. Some housing coops are resident-owned while others are rented. You can find out more about cooperative housing in different countries by entering the name of a country in the search function below. You can also click on any country on the interactive map.

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Although cooperative housing is widespread and has an impact on the quality of life of millions of people, the co-op housing sector is still relatively unknown. World Profiles of a Movement: Co-operative Housing Around the World is a joint report presenting the history and the current realities of cooperative housing around the world.

Volume 1 includes the cooperative housing profile of 22 countries. This report presents the history and the current realities of co-operative housing around the world.

Volume 2 of the Profiles of a Movement concentrates on the African continent. We are pleased to present the remarkable work achieved by the African co-operators, work accomplished in a very challenging environment. These profiles show the creativity and dedication of the African co-operators.


Cooperative Housing International is also collaborating with Urbamonde to share best practices in community-led housing via the CoHabitat Network. Collaborative housing groups and their support actors can enter details on the development, financing, management, and more in the CoHabitat digital platform. There are hundreds of examples of collaborative housing on the platform to inspire and inform you.

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