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Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 newsletter highlights the significant benefits of community gardens within housing cooperatives around the globe. These gardens enhance neighbourhood aesthetics, produce organic food, and serve as hubs for social interaction and community building. They offer diverse benefits including fostering community bonding, promoting mental well-being, providing access to fresh produce, and supporting sustainable practices.

 Additionally, we provide updates on a few CHI initiatives:

– International Legal Research Analysis Initiative (ILRAI): This initiative aims to develop legal frameworks to support housing cooperatives, ensuring their long-term success and protecting member rights.

– CHI Board Meeting: In Berlin, discussions included strategic planning to address challenges such as high interest rates and land shortages, updating statutory articles, and presentations from various cooperative initiatives.

 Additional Updates:

– Coop Conversations Podcast: Discusses the cooperative housing model in Uruguay and its impact on housing cooperatives in Latin America and Europe.

– Canada Rental Protection Fund: A new initiative to help housing coops and non-profits acquire market rental buildings, addressing affordable housing shortages.

– Australia: Recognition of housing cooperatives as a viable option in the National Housing Supply and Affordability Council’s report.

– Student Cooperative Housing Webinar: Aimed at strengthening connections among student housing cooperatives and promoting collective action.

For more details and further reading, you can access the full newsletter here


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