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Wayshaper Sustainable Homes Toolkit

The Confederation of Cooperative Housing (CCH) in the UK, has recently announced a new revamped retrofit advisor service. After two years of hard work building and improving the service, CCH is happy to launch a cleaner and clearer service for members looking to deal with ageing and energy-inefficient housing. The goal is to create warm, affordable, and low-carbon homes. 

Since launching the service in February 2022, CCH has had 36 members engage with the service in some capacity. This means a potential pipeline of almost 2,000 cooperative homes that can help their members decarbonize. 

Fifteen of these cooperatives have been working with CCH and are on the path to understanding the best route to retrofit their homes. The housing coops received support for project planning and grant funding applications to move their retrofit plans forward. 

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Clissold Housing Co-op in North London

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