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Welcome to Co-operative Housing International’s resources section. In this section you will find up-to-date information from around the world. We aim to give housing co-ops tools and resources required for their work and to keep you informed on issues affecting housing.

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Guide to Developing New Co-operative Homes in the UK

New-Co-operative-and-Community-led-Homes-2017 is a basic guide for community groups, local authorities, housing associations, housing co-operatives and others in the UK who are interested in exploring the development of new co-operative and community-led homes.Read More

Financing and Development United Kingdom
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Co-operative Housing Toolbox: A Practical Guide for Co-operative Success

This Co-operative Housing Toolbox is designed for use by housing cooperative boards of directors, resident members and co-op partners. It defines what a cooperative is, highlights the history of the cooperative movement, explains how co-ops are managed and governed, explores what co-op members can do to recognise and weed out problems early on and provides guidelines that allow the best elements of cooperative living to take root and grow.Read More

Financing and Development United States of America
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How To Start A Housing Co-op

Housing cooperatives are defined primarily by their legal structure: coop members own the housing collectively through shares in an organisation, rather than individually, as with a condo. Residents also govern the housing democratically, either directly or through elected representatives. Not just for students, coops can be home to support groups of low-income families, artists, elderly, disabled, and people with a common purposeRead More

Community United States of America
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¿Qué es una cooperativa? ¿Cómo formarla?

El presente trabajo está destinado a favorecer la comprensión más amplia acerca de las cooperativas y cómo pueden crearse por parte de aquellos grupos interesados o estimular su formación mediante la promoción pública o pri ...Read More

Financing and Development Uruguay
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The Co-operative Housing International Good Governance Test

The purpose of the Governance Test is to provide a means for housing co-ops affiliated to CHI to measure their standards of governance and to help them develop a good governance action plan to improve governance in weaker areas.  ...Read More

Governance Global
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How Can Housing Co-operatives Contribute to Reducing Climate Change?

This paper brings some new insights to the significant role that the housing cooperatives can play in energy-efficiency in housing, aiming to fill the existent gap in the literature in this field. Paper written for the Enhr Conference in Toulouse July 2011 by Enkeleda Kadriu and Dr Gabriele WendorfRead More

Sustainability Germany
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Best Practices and Strategies among the Leading Affordable Housing Developers and Owners

British-American Peer-to-Peer Exchange: Sharing Best Practices and Strategies among the Leading Affordable Housing Developers and Owners The exchange, which was sponsored by the Housing Partnership Network (US) and the National Ho ...Read More

Financing and Development United Kingdom
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Cooperators is a collection of contributions by members and staff writing about their experiences of co-operation and co-operatives. Without co-operators there are no co-operatives. Most of the contributors are involved with housi ...Read More

Community Australia
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Climate-Proofing Social Housing Landscapes

Climate-Proofing Social Housing Landscapes, a project run by Groundwork London in the UK in partnership with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, aims to demonstrate how to prepare and adapt in order to future-proof exist ...Read More

Sustainability United Kingdom
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