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Welcome to Cooperative Housing International’s resources section. In this section you will find up-to-date information from around the world. We aim to give housing coops tools and resources required for their work and to keep you informed on issues affecting housing.

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Finalist World Habitat Awards 2017: Düzce Hope Homes

Düzce Hope Homes is the result of a 15 year rights-based struggle in Northern Turkey. A co-operative was set-up to fight for the right to housing to be extended to tenants - victims of earthquakes in 1999 - who did not receive po ...Read More

Financing and Development Turkey
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Community-led Housing: a Key Role for Local Authorities

Community-led Housing: a key Role for Local Authorities by the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network illustrates why and how municipal authorities across the UK are enabling and supporting Community-Led Housing.  The Housin ...Read More

Financing and Development United Kingdom
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Mutuality & accountability in the housing association sector

Mutuality & accountability in the housing association sector is the report of the Mutual Governance:Mutual Outcomes project, set up to explore the value of mutuality in mutual housing associations in the UK. Mutual housing associa ...Read More

Management United Kingdom
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Sold Out: Affordable housing at risk

New documentary 'Sold Out:  Affordable housing at risk' shares tenant's stories, lifts up solutions to the loss of social housing. The video is the all too familiar story of displaced tenants in US cities put out into a housing m ...Read More

Community United States of America
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Habicoop – French Federation of Housing Co-operatives

Habicoop, who is it? The original association was created 12 years ago. It became the French Federation of Housing Cooperatives in 2015 and federates about twenty cooperatives. What's a housing cooperative? Its a group of people w ...Read More

Financing and Development France
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You Don’t Need to Buy that House

Article in The Walrus (Apr 21, 2017) on the housing affordability crisis in Canada's two major cities and how collective and decisive government action around housing affordability is crucial. Read More

Financing and Development Canada
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Towards an International Platform

This video features six organisations that are coming together to create the urbaMonde Platform of Social Production of Habitat, aiming to give a voice to the people who create new innovative housing solutions on a grassroots level. Organizations involved: Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI), Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), Habitat International Coalition (HIC), Co-operative Housing International (CHI), Grounded Solutions Network (GSN), Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF).Read More

Community Switzerland
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Tools and Instruments to Support Community-led Housing: an International Perspective

This video captures a roundtable discussion on community-led housing, access to land, technical assistance, finance and examples of successful policies and collaborations, bottlenecks and challenges. in Geneva, Switzerland, March 2017. The roundtable discussion was part of a three-day planning meeting for the urbaMonde Social Production of Habitat Platform.Read More

Community Switzerland
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What Is Co-operative and Mutual Housing?

No two co-operative and mutual housing schemes are the same. Part of what makes it successful is its ability to enable local people to develop housing in the way that is right for them.Read More

Community United Kingdom
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