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Welcome to Cooperative Housing International’s resources section. In this section you will find up-to-date information from around the world. We aim to give housing coops tools and resources required for their work and to keep you informed on issues affecting housing.

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Community Land Trusts And Limited Equity Cooperatives: A Marriage Of Affordable Homeownership Models?

            Since 2008, many have questioned the efficacy of conventional homeownership, particularly for low-income households. Advocates champion shared equity homeownership as an alternative, including community land trusts … Read More

Community Educational
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Palo Alto, Mexico

Richard Audet, a colleague from Montreal, visited Palo Alto coop in late 2019 and shared this report with us.

Community Mexico News Article
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Environmental Sustainability Policy

Co-ops that care about climate change and want to shrink their environmental footprint should consider approving their own Environmental Sustainability Policy. A model was developed by the Co‑operative Housing Federation of Canada. … Read More

Community Canada Policy
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MOBA Network

MOBA is a network that meets regularly to build the necessary pool of expertise, capacities and (financial) instruments to launch cooperative housing pilot projects in the central European region.

Advocacy Europe
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Building Community Support for Community Housing

There is often resistance to the development of new housing in local communities and community housing providers can face an uphill battle convincing people to support new social and affordable housing. This … Read More

Community Australia
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Co-op Housing: What It Is and How It Works

This article is a few years old but it explains really well what co-operative housing is all about and how it differs from low-income housing or social housing in Canada. Unlike privately owned low-income … Read More

Community Canada
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Needs Assessment Report – Housing Co-operatives: Presence of Women and Women’s Empowerment

In 2017, FECHIMM, in collaboration with organizations such as the Lachine-LaSalle Housing Committee (CLLL), the Réseau 2000+ Technical Resource Group (GRT), and the Regional table for Montréal / Laval Women’s Centers launched … Read More

Community Canada
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Communities Over Commodities-People-Driven Alternatives to an Unjust Housing System

The Right To The City Alliance seeks to create regional and national impacts in housing, human rights, urban land, community development, civic engagement, criminal justice, immigrant rights and environmental justice. Right To … Read More

Advocacy United States of America
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Co-operative councils share best practices of working with local communities

Find out how local councils in the UK are co-operating with communities to generate more affordable housing and make use of government funding for community-led housing in these various case studies. 

Community United Kingdom
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