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December 2016

Was 2016 a good year for housing co-operatives? Fall 2016 Housing Conferences: Housing Europe, International Summit of Co-operatives & Co-operative Summit of the Americas; Membership News: USA & Chile; Website Update; Best Wishes ...Read More

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Spring 2015

A mutual home ownership community reducing the environmental impact of their neighbourhood; A fledgeling housing co-op in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade and its application to housing   LIL ...Read More

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Summer 2016

Co-operative housing in Uruguay: half a century of innovation; Board member profiles from Malaysia & Pakistan; Co-ops can deliver the UN's Sustainability Development Goals; Co-op housing in Germany; International Summit of Co-op ...Read More

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Spring 2016

People behind CHI; Board member profiles from England & Switzerland; Expanding global awareness of co-operatives as a housing solution; Blueprint interpretation for housing co-operatives; Profiles of a Movement: worldwide data on ...Read More

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Winter 2011/12

2011 ICA General Assembly; GA delegates vote in favour of ICA Housing resolution; International Year of Co-operatives; Certified timber and other forest products campaign; Governance Project for sound co-op housing governance; Glo ...Read More

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Summer 2012

Profiles of a Movement: Co-operative Housing Around the World – publication launch; Symposium on good governance; European Co-op Week - CECODHAS Housing Europe; Visits to Kapelleveld, Floréal and Le Logis, Brussels; CECODHAS se ...Read More

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Spring 2014

Organisational name change, new logo & wordmark; Organizational staff changes; Invitation to Quebec International Summit of Co-operatives; Co-operative Housing International board meeting & symposium Welcome Message from The Presi ...Read More

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Autumn 2014 – Sustainability Issue

Dame Pauline Green promotes 2011 sustainability resolution; What’s new in sustainable forest management; Best practices in Germany, Sweden & Canada Sustainability resolution and endorsement; Co-operative Housing International’ ...Read More

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Winter 2010

ICA Housing Board News; Symposiums on Financing Housing Co-Operatives In The Aftermath Of The Global Financial Crisis & Co-Operative Responses To The Climate Change Challenge; Next Rendezvous: Istanbul, Turkey; Housing Co-operativ ...Read More

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