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E - bulletins

Spring 2014

Organisational name change, new logo & wordmark; Organizational staff changes; Invitation to Quebec International Summit of Co-operatives; Co-operative Housing International board meeting & symposium Welcome Message from The Presi ...Read More

E - bulletins

Autumn 2014 – Sustainability Issue

Dame Pauline Green promotes 2011 sustainability resolution; What’s new in sustainable forest management; Best practices in Germany, Sweden & Canada Sustainability resolution and endorsement; Co-operative Housing International’ ...Read More

E - bulletins

IYC 2012 – Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable use of forests: an urgent global challenge; Wim Ellenbroek – The Borneo Initiative; Co-operatives and Certified Forestry Products – Where is this initiative coming from?; Forests and Certification: What’s it all ...Read More

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