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Cooperative Housing Models

We are currently developing this page but here is some basic information for now.


  • Affordable housing (rent is (+/-) 30/35 % of income)
  • Shares and deposits returned when member moves out
  • Mixed-income = diverse community
  • Active participation
  • Security of tenure
  • Community
  • Common in Germany, Switzerland, Canada


  • Access to equity
  • Shareholder with exclusive use of housing unit
  • Corporation owns the property
  • Collective ownership of common spaces
  • Long-term affordability is not guaranteed
  • Pro-rata share of operating and maintenance costs
  • At cost housing
  • Common in Sweden, Norway, USA

Limited Equity

  • Restricted price of shares bought and sold
  • Affordable option for generations
  • May be restricted to low or moderate incomes
  • Active participation
  • Community
  • Common in USA

Mutual Aid

  • Solidarity and self-help
  • Principle of housing as a human right
  • Democratic participation
  • Self-managed and self-built
  • Cooperative is the owner
  • Facilitates access to adequate housing
  • Common in Uruguay and spreading
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