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Summary WIFO study: The Economic Impacts of Limited-Profit Housing Associations

There is a growing recognition amongst policymakers of the social and economic benefits of affordable and stable housing markets. Those benefits have been amplified by the ongoing pandemic and the financial difficulties many households are faced with. The value of an affordable, adequately sized, good-quality home has become as clear as ever before. Importantly, long-term stable and affordable housing markets not only benefit individual households but also impact the wider economy. With limited-profit housing associations playing a key role in the housing market, their Federation has decided to commission the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) with the task to examine these effects. The research conducted by WIFO aimed to quantify the economic impacts of limited-profit housing associations on Austria’s economy, both in terms of the impact on housing costs and on purchasing power and GDP. This paper summarises the key findings from the research report.

Summary WIFO study_The economic impacts of limited profit housing associations

Financing and Development Austria Research Paper
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