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Financing Housing Co-operatives in a Credit Crunch

Financing the development of housing co-operatives is a challenge and more so in time of financial restrictions and uncertainty.  CHI members discussed the issue during a seminar held in November 2009 in Geneva.  Presentations were made by CHI members showcasing interesting and innovative initiatives.

Also included is a presentation made by Ancab – Legacoop at the Cecodhas meeting in September 2009.

Impact of the financial crisis on housing coops in Europe – Hachmann

Leveraging assets to reduce borrowing costs – David Rodgers

The effects of recession on Canadian housing co-operatives – Nicholas Gazzard

Combination of a Housing Coop with a Saving Institution – Franz-Bernd Grosse-Wilde

SVW – Stephan Schwitter

National Italian Housing Plan – Luciano Caffini

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