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Tools and Instruments to Support Community-led Housing: an International Perspective

This video captures a roundtable discussion on community-led housing, access to land, technical assistance, finance and examples of successful policies and collaborations, bottlenecks and challenges. in Geneva, Switzerland, March 2017. The roundtable discussion was part of a three-day planning meeting for the urbaMonde Social Production of Habitat Platform.

Panellists: Somsook Boonyabancha (ACHR), Rose Molokoane (SDI), Brenda Torpy (GSN), Antonio Hodgers (State Council Geneva), Adriana Rojas (Coceavis), Guido Schwarzendahl (CHI)

Moderator: Cyril Royez, urbaMonde

Presenters:  Leilani Farha, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing; Ernst Haluri, Federal Housing Office of Switzerland

Community Switzerland
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