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Habicoop – French Federation of Housing Co-operatives

Habicoop, who is it?

The original association was created 12 years ago. It became the French Federation of Housing Cooperatives in 2015 and federates about twenty cooperatives.

What’s a housing cooperative? Its a group of people who get together in the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid whose goal is to collectively manage dwellings and shared spaces by direct democracy refusing speculation, at cost and without profit.

Our success stories

The “Village Vertical de Villeurbanne”, the first French housing cooperative and Habicoop’s pilot project, was delivered almost 4 years ago, and inhabitants now live in their walls. Two other cooperatives will be delivered this year and two others will start building in 2018. Fifteen are being set up at different stages.

In parallel, thanks to our long-term lobbying and expertise, we obtained a legal statute for cooperative housing in 2014.

Read more about Habicoop here.

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