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Code of Governance for Housing Co-ops

The CCH in the UK have revised the joint CCH and National Housing Federation code of governance for co-operative and mutual housing organisations. It is intended to be a generic code that could apply to a range of co-operative and mutual housing organisations. The aim of the code is to be a useful guide to help co-ops review and improve their governance.


  • The principles of good governance
  • Introduction
  • The Code of Governance
  • Constitution and composition of the Governing Body
  • Essential functions of the Governing Body
  • Induction and information
  • Recruitment, renewal and review
  • Responsibilities of the Chair
  • Conduct of the Governing Body’s business
  • The Senior Staff Member or Service Agency
  • Sub Committees
  • Openness, transparency and accountability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Audit and risk
  • Conduct and probity


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