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Building homes, creating communities, changing lives: A strategy for scaling up and maximising impact 2017-2021

Wales needs more homes, particularly homes that are affordable for people on low to middle incomes. Welsh Government has committed to delivering 20,000 affordable homes during the current Welsh Government term. Building on rich traditions in Wales, there is also a need to build supportive and viable local communities. The Welsh co-operative housing programme is an increasingly important means of delivering this. Interest in co-operative housing is growing across Wales. Since the project’s inception in 2012, 99 new co-operative homes have been built, with many more in the pipeline, most of them new affordable homes.

This strategy has been developed by the Wales Co-operative Centre, the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Rural Housing Enablers and the various partners who have supported the programme, working in partnership with Welsh Government. It aims to chart how the cooperative housing programme will grow over the next five years.

Download the strategy here.

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