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This Week in the News – June 14th, 2021

Here are the top stories for the week of June 14th, 2021.


If anyone knows how gentrification has displaced Black working-class residents in Atlanta, it’s Makeisha Robey, a preschool teacher. During her two decades living in the city, she has watched affordable apartment complexes vanish as new developments arise and wealthier, white residents move in.

After being priced out of renting in a series of neighborhoods, Ms. Robey, a 43-year-old single mother, became determined to buy a house of her own. “Being able to build some kind of equity, being able to have this home base where your family can come visit,” Ms. Robey said, “I wanted that for myself.” Click here to learn more.

Cooperative Values

Self-help, self-responsibility, independence, equality, justice, and solidarity are all values that cooperatives are built on. Cooperative members believe in the ethical ideals of integrity, transparency, social responsibility, and caring for others, as did their founders. Check out our new page on the cooperative Principles and Values.

History of Housing Cooperative Mancasale and Coviolo (Italy)

This short video tells the history of this housing cooperative, providing housing, cultural and social activities for its members. Through Fascism and war, the cooperative today has 16 residential dwellings, 15 garages, 3 stores, 1 gym, and 5 local offices. Click here to watch the video.



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