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Coop Conversations Podcast Launch

Poster with coop conversations as the title. Image of Sarah Jensen. Graphic of microphone.

We are excited to launch a podcast series about living in cooperative housing. Housing co-ops are not like other types of housing. Because co-op members get together on a regular basis to make decisions about many different aspects of their housing they can’t help but form bonds with one another. This inevitably leads to the creation of a sense of belonging and community. Because of the democratic functioning of housing co-ops, people living there have unique experiences. By listening to conversations we’ve had with different people of all ages from countries like Canada, Ireland, France, the USA and Switzerland, you will learn more about co-op living and why housing co-ops are such wonderfully unique places to live.

In the first episode, we talk to Sarah Jensen, a university student from Thunder Bay, Canada, who grew up in Castlegreen Housing Co-op where she still lives today. Sarah describes the strong bonds she has formed in her community and how getting involved in her co-op and the wider co-op movement has influenced her and shaped her life so far.

You can listen to the different episodes by going to our podcast page here.


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