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Essays on Growing up in a Housing Co-op – May 2021

Coop Conversations Since launching our podcast series about life in a housing cooperative we have talked to co-op members from Ireland, Switzerland, the USA, and in this latest episode we talk to Fariha, Fatima, Zaid, and Juju, fo ...Read More

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The Origins of Minsnail Housing Co-op in South Korea – April 2021

  Coop Conversations Podcast CHI just launched a podcast called Coop Conversations which is a series of interviews with people living in cooperative housing around the world. Housing co-ops are not like other types of housing. Be ...Read More

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Cooperative Housing International 2020 Highlights

Challenges and Opportunities The year 2020 has been a very busy and constructive year. We are a very small team but we manage to accomplish so many goals, both planned and unplanned! CHI’s board members are phenomenal and their ...Read More

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CHI is Launching the Coop Conversations Podcast

Our mission is to unite, represent, and lead the international movement for cooperative and mutual self-help housing. Housing co-ops are not like other forms of housing. They are unique communities that are shaped by the people wh ...Read More

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Asia Pacific Edition – February 2021

Asia Pacific Regional Forum on Cooperative Housing This forum will serve as a virtual regional forum for cooperative housing organisations in the Asia Pacific region. This networking and information exchange aims to strengthen the ...Read More

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