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Housing Policy in the Anglosphere: Social Market Foundation Report Series on Housing

The Nuffield Foundation is funding the Social Market Foundation for a research project to identify solutions to the UK’s housing crisis. The project involves five reports, each studying a different aspect of the housing shortage. These reports are a comparative analysis of international housing policies, based on more than 20 expert interviews and a literature review. The project primarily focuses on Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. These countries share similar challenges to the UK, making their successes and failures particularly useful in developing housing solutions for the UK.

The Reports

Dwelling on it: Housing crises in the English-speaking world

 This introductory paper provides an overview of the scale of the crisis in homeownership, private renting, social housing and homelessness across the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Home economics: Financial policies to increase homeownership

 This second report surveys homeownership challenges and policies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland to understand what has gone wrong and how we might fix it.

Let down: Rental regulations, subsidies and tenants’ rights across the English-speaking world

This third report looks at lessons for making renting in the UK a more attractive long-term option from the English-speaking world and beyond.

Affordable living: Alternatives to the traditional homeownership model

This fourth report examines how social and cooperative housing can address the housing crisis and what the UK can learn from other countries.

Beyond the comfort zone: How can planning reform boost housing supply and affordability?

This final report delves into how effective planning reform is at increasing supply and how the UK can learn from failures elsewhere to ensure its success.

About the Social Market Foundation

The Social Market Foundation (SMF) is a non-partisan think tank. We believe that fair markets, complemented by open public services, increase prosperity and help people to live well. We conduct research and run events looking at a wide range of economic and social policy areas, focusing on economic prosperity, public services and consumer markets. The SMF is resolutely independent, and the range of backgrounds and opinions among our staff, trustees and advisory board reflects this. Twitter: @SMFthinktank

About the Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Foundation is an independent charitable trust with a mission to advance social well-being. It funds research that informs social policy, primarily in education, welfare, and justice. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Foundation. Website: Twitter: @NuffieldFound

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