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International Legal Research and Analysis Initiative

We’re excited to announce that ICA and CHI are partnering on the International Legal Research and Analysis Initiative (ILRAI) to gather information on cooperative housing law.

Housing cooperatives require specific regulations to ensure fair competition with other businesses. Without proper legal frameworks, cooperatives may face challenges, while supportive regulations can encourage growth and innovation. Therefore, ICA offices and members must understand cooperative legislation comprehensively. This knowledge will enable them to advocate for or recommend specific legal structures for housing cooperatives. The process involves documenting unified laws and policies and tracking their development. Furthermore, obtaining expert knowledge from different jurisdictions will help to develop principles for housing cooperative laws.

Housing cooperative laws can vary significantly between jurisdictions. We will examine various aspects of the law such as governance structures, membership rights and obligations, financing and taxation, dispute resolution mechanisms, and regulatory oversight. By doing so, we can create a comprehensive framework that ensures the continued success of housing cooperatives while protecting the rights and interests of the members.

If you are interested in participating in this research project please contact for more details.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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