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CHI welcomes new member: FenacoHAB from Brazil

We are excited to announce a new CHI member: FenacoHAB from Brazil. FenacoHAB is the national federation of housing cooperatives in Brazil. FENACOHAB has 15 registered and regular housing cooperatives and more than 50 participating cooperatives. It is Brazil’s only active National Federation of Housing Cooperatives, representing more than 50,000 cooperative members. FenacoHAB works to represent, guide, strengthen and promote housing cooperatives in Brazil. The federation offers legal and accounting guidance, support in assemblies, meetings, events and cooperative management, accounting guidance, advocacy, financial and dental benefits.

The international cooperative movement holds significant importance for many members.  According to FenacoHAB ‘s President, Mr. Robinson de Souza Santos, “Our ability to advocate and align our stance with the ICA marks a significant triumph amidst numerous everyday challenges. FenacoHAB is deeply grateful and joyful for this accomplishment, as we strive to represent housing cooperatives not only in Brazil but also globally.”

Read more about FenacoHAB on their website.

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