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Sustainability Videos

HSB LivingLab – Trailer

  • How should we build housing cooperatives in the future? The HSB Living Lab in Gothenburg, Sweden is a research facility where students and guest researchers live and work in order to create future sustainable housing. Watch our video where we talk to Magnus Ulaner, head of sustainability with HSB, a large housing cooperative association in Sweden.

HSB LivingLab – Magnus Ulaner Interview

  • We spoke to Magnus Ulaner, head of sustainability with HSB, a large housing cooperative association in Sweden. Watch our video to learn how HSB handles environmental sustainability and tell us what you think!


Housing Co-ops for Sustainability – English

  • Co-op housing communities worldwide are building a more sustainable future. Globally, cooperatives are working to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many co-ops around the world have adopted sustainable practices to conserve water, energy, and natural habitats.


Les coopératives d’habitation pour le développement durable – French

  • Les communautés d’habitations coopératives du monde entier bâtissent un avenir plus durable. À l’échelle mondiale, les coopératives s’efforcent d’atteindre les objectifs de développement durable (ODD) des Nations Unies. De nombreuses coopératives dans le monde ont adopté des pratiques durables pour conserver l’eau, l’énergie et les habitats naturels.


Las cooperativas de vivienda para la sostenibilidad – Spanish

  • Las comunidades de viviendas cooperativas de todo el mundo están construyendo un futuro más sostenible. A nivel mundial, las cooperativas están trabajando para cumplir con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) de las Naciones Unidas. Muchas cooperativas de todo el mundo han adoptado prácticas sostenibles para conservar el agua, la energía y los hábitats naturales.


UN SDGs with Alexandra Wilson, ICA board member & Agency for Co-operative Housing’s CEO

  • The International Cooperative Alliance is committed to the UN Sustainability Development Goals and Alexandra Wilson, one of its board members, is a fervent advocate of sustainability. Alexandra, who is the CEO of the Agency for Co-operative Housing in Canada, believes that housing co-operatives can easily implement the SDGs one step at a time.


Equilibre Cooperative’s Sustainable Features

  • Welcome to another tour of a cooperative in Geneva, Switzerland explaining the sustainable features (straw bale insulation in the walls and solar panels and a special system for treating human waste) used throughout the building.

Parallel Session: Housing and Energy Cooperatives ICA Congress Dec 2021

  • On the final day of the World Cooperative Congress delegates in a parallel session heard about affordable housing and energy. The session started by stating that the world was facing a global climate crisis and we were close to the tipping point. This had already hugely disrupted our society and could in the near future threaten all human life. The seventh cooperative principle of care for our community calls on us to tackle the climate, energy, and housing crisis together.
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