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Community and Mutual Home Ownership: A Historical Review – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This report surveys the history of community and mutual ownership and considers the implications for policy and practice in this area. In recent years, policy-makers have identified community and mutual ownership as making a significant contribution to the economy, welfare and society. A historical analysis of social change can inform contemporary understanding, policy and practice.

The report:

  • adopts a broad definition of ‘community and mutual’ as a way of exploring the history of ownership;
  • identifies five models: customary and common, community, co-operative and mutual, charitable, and municipal and state forms of ownership;
  • argues that systematic and values-based approaches are needed to develop community and mutual ownership to respond to current social problems;
  • notes that time is needed to develop democracy, membership and belonging, all factors that have been historically important to the success of community and mutual ownership.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation is a British social policy research and development charity.

Download the report here

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