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Solidarity at ABZ

For the second consecutive year, ABZ, in Zurich, Switzerland, held a donor conference this past October.  ABZ is a non-profit housing cooperative with over 5000 apartments in the city and in the greater Zurich area. Every ABZ household contributes 5 CHF per month (5.49 USD) to a solidarity fund. The fund finances non-profit housing, social, cultural and ecological projects around the world.

This year, ABZ’s members decided to spend 500,000 CHF (549,236 USD) on 15 different projects. Because of COVID, the conference and the voting took place online and used a special app for the occasion.

What kind of projects were funded? For example, people who are affected by the economic consequences of the corona pandemic in Switzerland and can no longer pay their rent will receive assistance from the solidarity fund. The fund will also help housing cooperatives in Colombia that promote the peaceful coexistence of former guerrilla fighters and the local population.

You can read about the 15 projects being funded here.


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