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International Social Housing Festival June 7 to 9 in Barcelona

Every single country in the world is solving a housing riddle. Join us in Barcelona from 7 to 9 June 2023 to find answers to some of today’s most relevant housing questions together. The city of Barcelona provides a perfect example of the potential to strengthen its housing system in the context of weak market regulations and scarcity of public resources devoted to housing. The festival will also focus on the lessons to be learned from mature as well as emerging housing systems vis-à-vis emerging social and economic challenges across the world, with a particular focus on Southern Europe and extensive participation from the rest of the continent, Asia, Latin America and North America.

We have the pleasure of participating in two side events during the festival. The first event is a panel discussion on Housing models & frameworks for environmental and social sustainability. This exchange explores how emerging and established cooperative and co-housing models are promoting social and environmental sustainability. The discussion focuses on strategies for removing barriers and impacting legal reforms to strengthen the cooperative housing movement. Sostre Cívic, Cooperative Housing International, and Cooperativa Sociale Casae will share their ideas and solutions to facilitate cross-pollination.   Venue: Escola Industrial – Edifici 25 (map) – Room: Aula S-6 – Day: June, 7th, 17:00-18:20

We will discuss the benefits of these solutions for the community and showcase concrete examples. Additionally, we will focus on the role of student housing cooperatives in securing the right to education and providing supportive communities for students throughout their academic life. Join La CiguëStudent Coop HomesStudentendorf and Distrito Natural for an informative and engaging discussion. Venue: IMHAB (map) – Room: Sala Pilar Florensa – Day: June, 8th, 15:30-16:50

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