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ICA Housing Seminar – Financing Housing Co-operatives in a Credit Crunch

Geneva, Switzerland

November 18, 2009 - November 18, 2009

Financing the development of housing co-operatives is a challenge and more so in time of financial restrictions and uncertainty.

ICA Housing Members discussed the issue during the Seminar held in November 2009 in Geneva.  Five presentations were made by ICA Housing members showing interesting and innovative initiatives.

The impact of the financial crisis on housing co-operatives

Impact of the financial crisis on housing coops in Europe – Claus Hachmann ICA Housing Board Member, President of the CECODHAS Co-operative Section and Head of International Relations of VSWG (Regional Federation of Housing Co-operatives in Saxony)

The effects of recession on Canadian housing co-operatives – Nicholas Gazzard ICA Housing Vice Chair and Executive Director of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada)

Innovative financial mechanisms designed by the co-op housing sector

SVW Revolving Fund, Solidarity Fund and Solinvest Foundation – Stephan Schwitter Director of the Swiss Association for Housing SVW

Combination of a Housing Coop with a Saving Institution – Franz-Bernd Grosse-Wilde Director of the Spar-und Bauverein Dortmund

Leveraging assets to reduce borrowing costs – David Rodgers ICA Housing President, Executive Director of the Co-operative Development Society (CDS)

Also included is a presentation made by Ancab – Legacoop at the Cecodhas meeting in September 2009:

National Italian Housing plan – Luciano Caffini

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