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CHI is Launching the Coop Conversations Podcast

Our mission is to unite, represent, and lead the international movement for cooperative and mutual self-help housing.

Housing co-ops are not like other forms of housing. They are unique communities that are shaped by the people who live there. The cooperative principles and values form the foundations of each housing co-op, fostering connected communities. In addition, the democratic structure of housing co-ops supports thriving communities built on the values of solidarity, social responsibility, and caring for others.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that folks living in housing co-ops are full of stories and anecdotes about their experiences of living in a housing co-op. Ironically, in this world of digital connection, people are feeling more isolated and less connected to other people. But that isn’t the case in housing cooperatives. Over the years we have talked to many people who live in housing cooperatives. The common thread in these conversations is the deep sense of belonging to a community that hasn’t been experienced elsewhere.

Because a lot of our work involves sharing stories and best practices we are very excited to be launching a podcast series about cooperative housing living. We named it Coop Conversations as this best describes the essence of this podcast series. We chatted with different people of all ages from countries like Canada, Ireland, France, the USA, and Switzerland and we hope you will learn more about co-op living and why they are great places to live.

You can listen to the podcast on SpotifyPodbean and soon on our YouTube channel and other podcast platforms.


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